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Be nice...

...(in this instance) it doesn't cost ya nothin'!

My friend Patches is a very talented artist who is trying very hard to break in to the professional makeup industry. She's currently in the finals of a competition that could win her the money to help herself buy a more professional kit which could really help her break in to the industry! Even just for starting school she needs a lot of equipment!

Here is the link to the contest, all you need to do is be logged in to facebook and click "like" on her images. That's right, images, miss Patches was so impressive that -two- of her outfits wound up in the Top 10! She is the fourth picture down, the veiled, creepy, ghoulish-faced feline. Patches is also the eighth picture down, dressed as a Zombie with blood all over her face, an awesome tiny hat, and a very pretty brooch!

TL;DR Please help me help a friend and vote here for the chick in the 4th picture down (creepy-grinning-veil-wearing-cat-thing), and the 8th picture down (white faced zombie with white eyes, lots of blood on her face, and a tiny hat!).

Thursday, April 15th - FIRED.

sunday: 10:00 am (still unslept) - get the phone call that my tio eddy died.
monday: bones is meowing constantly, take her to the vet to double check that everything really is fine. it is. they take a stool sample, it comes back clean of worms.
wednesday night: get to sleep finally after playing with a very hyper miss bones, she passes out snuggled at our feet, very happy and purring.
thursday morning (six hours later): miss bones can't stand, she's barely breathing, and there's blood in her stool.

my kitten is probably going to die and there's nothing i can do about it. my family is in a whole lot of pain over a thousand miles away and there's nothing i can do about it.

my birthday party at the very least was fun and full of debauchery until my mood was abruptly killed by that early-morning phone call from my mom down in puerto rico. i'll write about that when i feel less like hell.

forgive my e.e. cummings lack of capitalization sans style, i just can't be arsed. today is fired, furthermore, so is this week, and so help me god if twenty three continues to follow this trend this year is going to be fired.

at six thirty we have to pick bones up from the vet and transfer her to kingston road animal hospital. here's hoping she's improves twenty more percents, and then twenty more after that, and so on until she's healthy and running down the hall to catch up with me again because that silly kitten always wants to be in the same room as me, if not on my head.

there is no feeling in the world i hate more than being helpless. i just wish there was someone i could yell at, or something i could hit that would make any of this better.

and i haven't even started thinking about paying for her vet bills.
Yesterday was my birthday-proper, and it was just me and Cory (though I did see Shake and Kate for a bit which was nice)! I woke up to cute notes from my honey, and zomgEXCITEMENT, because even though I turned an odd number (twenty three, in case the subject line was not a clue), I was getting a KITTEN.

After a brief setback after discovering the shelters-proper were closed for Easter Monday, a little poking around the internets (lead by good 'ol mister google), I discovered a rescue home in Mississauga, and the lady was looking to clear out her girls so she could have room to take in a sizeable batch of rescues from the shelters as unadopted pets are going to be euthanized by the april 16th deadline before the shelters all close for a few weeks.

When Cory got done classes (early no less!) we headed out after a quick lunch, and made the trip first out to Yonge&Eglington for all the kitten essentials, and then out to Missasauga past where the ttc goes.

There is no other reason to go to Missasauga other than a really cute kitten. Misha, Mandi, please do not move out there! It is very far, and desolate, and I think there may be bears! The kind that like to easy sassy-dutch ladies and awesome Russian chefs! You'd be in so much danger!

Ahem. Anyhow.

We get there, and though I know there is a very cute, very tiny little all-black runt, I know she is longhaired (potentially), and that Cory has hardline said 'no longhaired cats.' So...we get in to the room, and I start eyeing a very shy but playful short haired tabby, when I feel something poking my foot. This exceptionally tiny little black cat is just standing there, very softly mewing and tapping my foot so I will look down at her.

I scoop her up and she cries for a few seconds before she starts nuzzling against my neck and settling herself surprisingly steadily, and comfortably on my shoulder. Where she proceeds to start purring.

Cory is standing on watching all of these kittens with the look of a man who has been bitch-slapped by an overabundance of cute. He just kept staring for a few seconds before going "I, I didn't know they came so tiny!" Ladies and Gentleman, my man, who has always forsaken cats, took one look at this black ball of fluff and busted out his camera. I could not believe my eyes, less than thirty seconds after entering that room, not only my, but his, choice was made up. This snuggly, incredibly calm-but-vocal little ball of fluff was going to come home with us!

Normally in situations like that, I get anxious, worrying about all the other kittens who aren't getting adopted, but as we settled on our choice, the woman came in to inquire about our decision and smiled, scooping up our girl's sister, happy to announce she'd just finish placing the whole lot!

She is tiny, but otherwise perfectly healthy. We have her vet-records from her first check up, and she has no health complications other than being a bit underweight. She wasn't able to get vaccinated with the rest of her litter because she doesn't have enough meat on her bones yet! We just need to make sure she gets KMR (kitten milk replacement) one a day for the next few weeks and by May we'll be able to take her in for her shots (which were covered in cost of adoption! along with some food, her health records, and six weeks of free pet insurance which we will get a discount on so long as we remember to renew before the trial runs out!). The woman didn't quite believe the lady whom surrendered my girl and her sister to her about their age, so both she, and the furball's vet believe it's entirely possible she's not a small 8 weeks, but a spunky six - yet another reason for extending how long she's getting kitten milk.

Anyhow, I've rambled on enough. You don't want to hear about her personality, or the quirks we're discovering. You want your ZOMGCUTE, hard, fast, and with no talking!

Iphone pictures of the KYOTE that I was too lazy to resize behind the cut.Collapse )

Just for the record, Cory squeaks and says "OH MY GOODNESS YOU HAVE TO SEE WHAT SHE IS DOING," just as much as I do. Do not let his cool facade and five o'clock shadow fool you, he is her bitch. If you do not believe me, come over to our house. I will show you the "ramp" he fashioned for her at the end of our bed so she can get up and down as she pleases in case she gets lonely, cold, or snuggly in the night. It is made out of pillows, and a fuzzy blanket covering all the different steps (she wouldn't go near it as steps, but the blanket makes it all look like one ramp, and that she can handle) so that the furball would not hurt herself on her way up or down.

P.P.S. We have not named her yet. Nothing has stuck quite right. Cory likes Lucy, but I find it to be a little too...zounds. Plus, and only you other UW'ers will get this, if we named her that I'd constantly be expecting her to say "Shoooot," and then spit. I sort of like Coraline, Mrs. Bones, and Uhura or Nyota. Problem being while they are all good names, I don't know if any of them are -her- name yet.

Hip hip, hooray!

There are lots of things I could say, about my feelings about sports, the olympics, and all that sort of stuff in general. I'm a very curmudgeonly person you know, but I can't.

I didn't watch the game. I slept through it. Still, after I woke up from my nap, discovering Canada won the Hockey Gold filled me with joy. I've never been so proud of a team, and I've never been so happy this randomly for a country.

I'm not really patriotic for anyplace. I feel like culturally I live with part of me in the US, part of me in Puerto Rico, and part of me in Canada, but I guess that's what happens when you spend your formative years in one place, with one set of people, and then are thrust in to a completely different setting&family environment that's never quite seemed to know what to do with me anyhow. Anyhow, my special afterschool problem feelings are not the point.

The point is that I didn't realize just how much Canada felt like home in more ways than just the my-boy-and-lots-of-people-i-love are here kind of way, but it does. Finding out Team Canada won made me cheer and not just a little because in some way it feels like my team won.

Maybe it's dumb that this is what made me clue in, but it's fucking great. The awkward biracial kid from San Juan & Le Roy feels like she found a place and I haven't felt this way since I was seven years old. I didn't realize I was so tense, so worried that at any moment, this place too was going to just - not work out (probably an after effect of how many times we moved when I was a kid), but it feels a lot like I've stopped holding my breath and like I can stop planning exit strategies.

This isn't me just rhapsodizing or trying to make this bigger than it is, no. I have, in twenty three years, not once really cared about the outcome of a single sporting event - including those in which I was an active participant. This, at least to me, is big, though I should have clued in ages ago.

Better late than never.

Congratulations Canada.
Sorry USA (butnotreally).

Random nerd moment? See those italics up there? I originally made them in forum bbcode. A+ me. A+.

Sometimes I think I'm clever...

...and then I record it for posterity just in case my awkward ass never manages again.

Re: Relationship Woes -

Gay friend of mine, woeful about his latest romance endeavor failure with a straight boy:
"I know, i shouldn't have tried for it, but I'm just such a sucker for a cute face."

"I know. Everyone is. You need to start checking the make and model to see if that face is compatible with your cock hardware."

Apartment Drama Explained.

Here's the skinny:
We've paid our rent in Money Orders because the Building held on to our checks for too long, sometimes waiting a month to cash one so that two were cashed at once, making one bounce, and all that fun stuff.

Anyhow, when we went to court, we had all our proof of payment via money orders. We got evicted because THEY argued that proof of money order does NOT equal proof of payment since they can be canceled. The court ruled in their favor. Unsurprisingly.

Now they've NOT given us the minimum eviction notice, and are INSISTING that since it was the fault of the Sheriff's office, we still have to move out on the 7th, as opposed to the much more legal 14th.

Great leaping balls of FUCKWITTERY Batman. They're claiming we owe them $8,758.27. I think it's the twenty-seven cents that pisses me off the most, why not just round down at that point?

Three hundred and thirty of that is Sheriff's fees.

The ONLY way to call SHENANIGANS on them, is to move out, deal with the eviction for now, and when we are settled in to our new place, sue for wrongful eviction which means they'll have to open up their records either proving that:

a.) They are lying fuckwits who have been cashing the money orders but not attributing the money to our account.
b.) They are incompetent fuckwits.
c.) They are lying incompetent fuckwits.
d.) Someone in their company is stealing from them, and in that instance we still win, and they are still fuckwits.

We NEED to fight it, as this eviction has fucked our credit so fully that no place will take us without a cosigner, and we can't blame them, on paper we're 10K in debt to our former landlords. Jesus, this is a nightmare.

When I grow up...

I want to marry Felicia Day.
That is all.